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A wireless pressure measurement system based on TiO2 interdigitated sensors

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posted on 2023-03-02, 16:07 authored by KHALIL ARSHAK, Arousian Arshak, Deirdre Morris, Olga Korostynska, Essa Jafer
The ability to monitor pressure remotely is of particular importance in medical and environmental applications as it is less labour intensive, safer and offers peace of mind to the general public. To meet this demand, a prototype system using TiO2 thick film interdigitated capacitors has been developed. The circuit is based on the principle of capacitance-frequency-voltage conversion and has been designed to minimize power consumption. The sensor was tested under hydrostatic pressure ranging from 0 – 17 kPa and high sensitivity (ΔV=47 mV) with low hysteresis (4 %) was recorded. It can be seen that this approach may provide cost effective, reliable devices for wireless sensing applications.



Sensors IEEE 2005;


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