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Between Public and Private Spaces: Jacobite Diplomacy in Vienna, 1725-1742

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posted on 2023-03-16, 10:03 authored by Stephen GriffinStephen Griffin

This article assesses Jacobite activities at the Habsburg court in Vienna from the mid?1720s to the early 1740s. Three Jacobite diplomatic agents belonging to the Stuart court in exile  were sent to Vienna during this time. Although the emperor did not recognise the head of the  Stuart court, its representatives were sometimes able to partake in the diplomatic rituals and  ceremonies of court. By analysing correspondence between the Stuart court and its agents, one  can identify how they operated in and used public and private spaces in Vienna to influence and  gain the support of the Habsburg court. The agents were granted private audiences with Imperial  ministers and could communicate informally with courtiers at public gatherings. Such contacts led  them to gain access to the Imperial chambers to witness public events, to obtain news, and to  communicate with members of the Imperial family. By examining these activities it is also possible  to gain further insight into relations between these two courts. Despite the emperor’s refusal to  engage with them, Jacobites maintained active public lives in Vienna, and they continuously made  use of their opportunities both inside and outside of court to further their private diplomatic  missions 



Royal Studies Journal 9(1), 46


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