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Cu current collector with binder-free lithiophilic nanowire coating for high energy density lithium metal batteries

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Despite significant efforts to fabricate high energy density (ED) lithium (Li) metal anodes, problems such as dendrite formation and the need for excess Li (leading to low N/P ratios) have hampered Li metal battery (LMB) development. Here, the use of germanium (Ge) nanowires (NWs) directly grown on copper (Cu) substrates (Cu-Ge) to induce lithiophilicity and subsequently guide Li ions for uniform Li metal deposition/stripping during electrochemical cycling is reported. The NW morphology along with the formation of the Li15Ge4 phase promotes uniform Li-ion flux and fast charge kinetic, resulting in the Cu-Ge substrate demonstrating low nucleation overpotentials of 10 mV (four times lower than planar Cu) and high Columbic efficiency (CE) efficiency during Li plating/stripping. Within a full-cell configuration, the Cu-Ge@Li – NMC cell delivered a 63.6% weight reduction at the anode level compared to a standard graphite-based anode, with impressive capacity retention and average CE of over 86.5% and 99.2% respectively. The Cu-Ge anodes are also paired with high specific capacity sulfur (S) cathodes, further demonstrating the benefits of developing surface-modified lithiophilic Cu current collectors, which can easily be integrated at the industrial scale.


Silicon Anodes through Nanostructural Development (SAND)

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