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Enhancing existing formal home care to improve and maintain functional status in older adults: results of a feasibility study on the implementation of Care to Move (CTM) in an Irish healthcare setting

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posted on 2023-03-06, 14:24 authored by Frances Horgan, Vanda Cummins, Dawn A. Skelton, Frank Doyle, Maria O’Sullivan, Rose GalvinRose Galvin, Elissa Burton, Jan Sørensen, Samira Barbara Jabakhanji, Bex Townley, Debbie Rooney, Gill Jackson, Lisa Murphy, Lauren Swan, Mary O'Neill, Austin Warters

Care to Move (CTM) provides a series of consistent ‘movement prompts’ to embed into existing movements of daily living. We explored the feasibility of incorporating CTM approaches in home care settings. Methods: Feasibility study of the CTM approach in older adults receiving home care. Recruitment, retention and attrition (three time points), adherence, costs to deliver and data loss analyzed and differentiated pre and post the COVID-19 pandemic. Secondary outcomes, including functional status, physical activity, balance confidence, quality of life, cost to implement CTM. Results: Fifty-five home care clients (69.6% of eligible sample) participated. Twenty were unable to start due to COVID-19 disruptions and health issues, leaving 35 clients recruited, mostly women (85.7%), mean age 82.8 years. COVID-19 disruption impacted on the study, there was 60% retention to T2 assessments (8-weeks) and 13 of 35 (37.1%) completed T3 assessments (6-months). There were improvements with small to medium effect sizes in quality of life, physical function, balance confidence and self-efficacy. Managers were supportive of the roll-out of CTM. The implementation cost was estimated at EUR 280 per carer and annual running costs at EUR 75 percarer. Conclusion: Embedding CTM within home support services is acceptable and feasible. Data gathered can power a definitive trial.


Enhancing existing formal home support to improve and maintain functional status in older adults: A feasibility study on the implementation of the Care to Move (CTM) programme

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