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From Europe to Ireland: artificial intelligence pivotal role in transforming higher education policies and guidelines

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posted on 2023-09-14, 11:37 authored by Muhammad IrfanMuhammad Irfan, LIAM MURRAYLIAM MURRAY, Fahad Aldulayani, Sajjad Ali, Nadia Youcefi, Sana Haroon

This study proffers an examination of policy considerations pertinent to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within various academic faculties specifically arts, humanities and social Sciences at the University of Limerick, proffering a nuanced panorama of both universal and faculty-specific governing principles. Utilising a qualitative research design, data were gleaned from a stratified random sample of academic staff via an open-ended questionnaire and subsequently subjected to thematic analysis. The findings elucidate two principal categories of themes: those which are universally recognised across all academic faculties, and those which are unique to individual departments. The common themes encompass areas such as data integrity, mitigation of bias, the explication of AI algorithms, human-centric augmentation of AI, stringent privacy and security protocols, and the necessity for ongoing assessment and refinement. These universally accepted principles reflect a commitment to maintaining high ethical standards within the integration of AI. On the other hand, the unique themes unveil the bespoke considerations intrinsic to specific academic departments, underscoring the inherent adaptability of AI technology to diverse educational disciplines. Such differentiation acknowledges the distinctiveness of various academic fields, thereby fostering a more customised application of AI. The investigation underscores the University's sagacious and balanced approach in assiduously catering to the variegated needs of disparate academic disciplines, whilst concurrently sustaining a robust set of shared ethical guidelines. The insights derived from this research contribute substantively to the  burgeoning discourse surrounding the integration of AI in higher education, engendering a more efficacious, inclusive, and avant-garde educational milieu.



Journal of Namibian Studies, 2023, 33 S1 pp. 1935-1959



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  • Scoil na Gaeilge, an Bhéarla, agus na Cumarsáide | School of English, Irish, and Communication