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Improved mechanical properties of multi-layered PTFE composites through hybridisation

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posted on 2023-03-20, 09:47 authored by Aswani BandaruAswani Bandaru, Ashraf Nawaz Khan, Tayfun Durmaz, Ramasamy Alagirusamy, RONAN O'HIGGINSRONAN O'HIGGINS

The current study demonstrates the utility of thermoplastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composites for  automotive, biomedical, electrical, food processing, civil engineering, tribology, and aerospace industries, etc.  The PTFE composites reinforced with glass (G), aramid (A), a stainless-steel metal mesh (MM), and their com?bination were manufactured using an autoclave. The average fibre volume fraction of the composites was  maintained at ~52%. The performance of monolithic and hybrid composites was evaluated in terms of tensile,  flexural, interlaminar shear strength (ILSS), and low-velocity impact (LVI). According to the experimental results,  the monolithic G composites exhibited the highest tensile strength (134 MPa), while the hybrid G/MM composites showed the highest tensile modulus (3.8GPa). In flexural characteristics, hybrid MM/A (MM on the top)  composites revealed superior flexural strength (76 MPa), whereas monolithic A composites showed excellent  flexural modulus (6.5GPa) among all. The LVI performance was evaluated at three different energy levels (5 J,  10 J and 15 J) in terms of peak force, energy absorption, and peak deformation and compared. This study shows  the positive influence of hybridisation, which signifies the utility of the hybrid composites for various industrial  and domestic applications. 


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