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In-plane compression performance of additively manufactured honeycomb structures: a review of influencing factors and optimisation techniques

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posted on 2023-09-20, 09:14 authored by Solomon ObadimuSolomon Obadimu, Kyriakos I. KourousisKyriakos I. Kourousis

Purpose – Honeycombs enjoy wide use in various engineering applications. The emergence of additive manufacturing (AM) as a method of customisable of parts has enabled the reinvention of the honeycomb structure. However, research on in-plane compressive performance of both classical and new types of honeycombs fabricated via AM is still ongoing. Several important findings have emerged over the past years, with significance for the AM community and a review is considered necessary and timely. This paper aims to review the in-plane compressive performance of AM honeycomb structures. Design/methodology/approach – This paper provides a state-of-the-art review focussing on the in-plane compressive performance of AM honeycomb structures, covering both polymers and metals. Recently published studies, over the past six years, have been reviewed under the specific theme of in-plane compression properties. Findings – The key factors influencing the AM honeycombs’ in-plane compressive performance are identified, namely the geometrical features, such as topology shape, cell wall thickness, cell size and manufacturing parameters. Moreover, the techniques and configurations commonly used for geometry optimisation toward improving mechanical performance are discussed in detail. Current AM limitations applicable to AM honeycomb structures are identified and potential future directions are also discussed in this paper. Originality/value – This work evaluates critically the primary results and findings from the published research literature associated with the in-plane compressive mechanical performance of AM honeycombs



International Journal of Structural Integrity 14(3), pp. 337-353


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