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Indentation Plastometry for study of anisotropy and Inhomogeneity in maraging steel produced by laser powder bed fusion

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posted on 2023-05-23, 10:13 authored by Tom Southern, Jimmy E. Campbell, Kyriakos I. KourousisKyriakos I. Kourousis, Barry Mooney, Yuanbo T. Tang, Trevor William Clyne

This work concerns the use of profilometry-based indentation plastometry (PIP) to obtain mechanical property information for maraging steel samples produced via an additive manufacturing route (laser powder bed fusion). Bars are produced in both “horizontal” (all material close to the build plate) and “vertical” (pro?gressively increasing distance from the build plate) configurations. Samples are mechanically tested in both as-built and age-hardened conditions. Stress–strain curves from uniaxial testing (tensile and compressive) are compared with those from PIP testing. Tensile test data suggest significant anisotropy, with the horizontal direction harder than the vertical direction. However, systematic compressive tests, allowing curves to be obtained for both build and transverse directions in various locations, indicate that there is no anisotropy anywhere in these materials. This is consistent with electron backscattered diffraction results, indicating that there is no significant texture in these materials. It is also consistent with the outcomes of PIP testing, which can detect anisotropy with high sensitivity. Furthermore, both PIP testing and compression testing results indicate that the changing growth conditions at different distances from the build plate can lead to strength variations. It seems likely that what has previously been interpreted as anisotropy in the tensile response is in fact due to inhomogeneity of this type 


Quasi-static and Impact Nanoindentation to Study Deformation Mechanisms in Metals

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IRC (GOIPG/2017/1041)



Steel Research International 220088


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International Network grant (IN-2016-004) and an Emeritus Fellowship (EM/2019-038/4). In addition, an ongoing Innovate UK grant (project number 10006185) covers work in this area and JEC is in receipt of a Future Leaders grant from Innovate UK (MR/W01338X/1)

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