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Mechanical and structural characterisation of the dural venous sinuses

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posted on 2023-02-08, 11:25 authored by Darragh R. Walsh, James J Lynch, David T. O'Connor, DAVID NEWPORTDAVID NEWPORT, John MulvihillJohn Mulvihill
The dural venous sinuses play an integral role in draining venous blood from the cranial cavity. As a result of the sinuses anatomical location, they are of signifcant importance when evaluating the mechanopathology of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Despite the importance of the dural venous sinuses in normal neurophysiology, no mechanical analyses have been conducted on the tissues. In this study, we conduct mechanical and structural analysis on porcine dural venous sinus tissue to help elucidate the tissues’ function in healthy and diseased conditions. With longitudinal elastic moduli values ranging from 33 to 58 MPa, we demonstrate that the sinuses exhibit higher mechanical stifness than that of native dural tissue, which may be of interest to the feld of TBI modelling. Furthermore, by employing histological staining and a colour deconvolution protocol, we show that the sinuses have a collagen-dominant extracellular matrix, with collagen area fractions ranging from 84 to 94%, which likely explains the tissue’s large mechanical stifness. In summary, we provide the frst investigation of the dural venous sinus mechanical behaviour with accompanying structural analysis, which may aid in understanding TBI mechanopathology.



Scientifc Reports;10, 21763


Nature Research



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