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Outsourcing Authentication, Authorization and Accounting, and Charging and Billing Services to Trusted Third Parties for Future Consumer-Oriented Wireless Communications

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posted on 2023-03-06, 09:03 authored by IVAN GANCHEVIVAN GANCHEV, Máirtín O'DromaMáirtín O'Droma

In this article, proposals for the realization of an infrastructural re-think on the way authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) services and charging and billing (C&B) services are supplied within the ubiquitous consumer wireless world (UCWW) are set out. Proposals envisage these services being owned and organized by trusted third parties (TTPs) and utilizing new globally standardized protocols and infrastructural entity interfaces. Their implementation will affect a successful realization of the UCWW’s consumer-based techno-business infrastructure, complementing or even replacing the present legacy network-centric, subscriber-based one. The approach enables a loose dynamic, or even casual, consumer-type association between consumers (mobile users) and network/teleservice providers, and it opens the door to multifaceted benefits for consumers, for new network/teleservice providers, and for other new UCWW business entities in addition to the 3P-AAA and 3P-C&B service providers at the heart of this article’s proposals. 





Electronics 12(3), 558



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