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Pestilent relationship between smoking and hypertension or pulse pressure among males over 15 years in India: NFHS-5 Survey

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posted on 2024-05-14, 10:38 authored by Dhruvendra Lal, Amrit Kaur Virk, Anu Bhardwaj, Kavisha Kapoor Lal, Jayanta Bora, Anuradha Nadda, Sonu GoelSonu Goel

Objective The Global Adult Tobacco Survey conducted in India has divulged that 28.6% of the populace aged 15 years and above partakes in tobacco consumption in various modalities. Despite the availability of numerous studies on the correlation between smoking and hyper-tension, the nexus between tobacco smoking and hypertension remains enigmatic. Smoking has predominantly been linked to blood pressure, with scant investigations exploring the plausible association that may subsist between smoking and pulse pressure. Methodology This study is based on secondary data analysis from the fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5). 17 Field Agencies gathered information from 636,699 households, 724,115 women, and 101,839 men. The data related to only men was included and analysed in this present study. Results Male participants had a mean age of 32.2+1.2 years, an average waist circumference of 80.4+12.2 cm, and mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 123.4+13.8 mmHg and 80.5+10.2 mmHg. Daily smokers had a slightly higher likelihood of hypertension compared to non-smokers (OR = 1.2, p <0.001). Male quitters had significantly lower odds of hypertension (OR = 0.9, p <0.001). Quitters had reduced odds of narrow pulse pressure but increased odds of wide pulse pressure (OR = 0.81 and 1.14, respectively). Conclusion The study found that regular smoking was associated with hypertension, while factors such as age, obesity, urban dwelling, wealth, and tribal residence were linked to increased blood pressure. Male quitters had a lower likelihood of hypertension, and middle-aged men and those with central obesity showed distinct associations with deranged pulse pressure.



PLOS ONE 19(5), e0294898


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