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Preparing children’s nurses for working with children and adolescents who self-harm: Evaluating the ‘our care through our eyes’ e-learning training package

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posted on 2023-03-08, 08:48 authored by Jasmine Singh-Weldon, Vicki Tsianakas, Trevor Murrells, Annmarie GrealishAnnmarie Grealish

Rates of self-harm among children and adolescents have risen significantly over thepast decade and clinical guidelines place children’s nurses at the heart of their care. This article reports on the evaluation of ‘Our Care Through Our Eyes’, an online self-harm learning programme for children’s nurses. A self-selected, convenience sample of registered children’s nurses (n = 42) completed scales pre- and postlearning programme that captured their attitudes, beliefs, empathy, anxiety, and confidence. Mean change scores were assessed, and qualitative comments captured postintervention were thematically summarized. There were small improvements in participants’ attitudes, empathy and confidence were reported. Anxiety scores increased in a small number of items. Qualitative comments confirmed the value of the online learning programme for improving children’s nurses’ knowledge and understanding of self-harm among CYP. Our findings demonstrate that children’s nurses agree on the importance of mental health training in self harm, and this could be a catalyst for renewal of both pre- and postregistration education including support structures within the National Health Service. This study is the first to explore the feasibility of evaluating ‘Our Care Through Our Eyes’ delivered using e-leaning and could be used to inform further investigations



International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 31 (6), pp. 1427-1437


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