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Primary cilium-mediated MSC mechanotransduction is dependent on Gpr161 regulation of hedgehog signalling

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posted on 2022-10-03, 13:03 authored by Gillian P. Johnson, Sean FairSean Fair, David A. Hoey
The benefits of physical loading to skeletal mass are well known. The primary cilium has emerged as an important organelle in bone mechanobiology/mechanotransduction, particularly in mesenchymal stem/stromal cells, yet the molecular mechanisms of cilium mechanotransduction are poorly understood. In this study, we demonstrate that Gpr161 is a mechanoresponsive GPCR, that localises to the cilium, and is involved in fluid shear-induced cAMP signalling and downstream osteogenesis. This Gpr161-mediated mechanotransduction is dependent on IFT88/cilium and may act through adenylyl cyclase 6 (AC6) to regulate cAMP and MSC osteogenesis. Moreover, we demonstrate that Hh signalling is positively associated with osteogenesis and that Hh gene expression is mechanically regulated and required for loading-induced osteogenic differentiation through a mechanism that involves IFT88, Gpr161, AC6, and cAMP. Therefore, we have delineated a molecular mechanism of MSC mechanotransduction which likely occurs at the cilium, leading to MSC osteogenesis, highlighting novel mechanotherapeutic targets to enhance osteogenesis.


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Bone;145, 115846





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