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Static and dynamic investigations on leaching/retention of nutrients from raw poultry manure biochars and amended agricultural soil

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posted on 2023-01-16, 12:24 authored by Samar Hadroug, Salah Jellali, Mejdi Jeguirim, Marzena KwapinskaMarzena Kwapinska, Helmi Hamdi, JAMES J LEAHYJAMES J LEAHY, WITOLD KWAPINSKIWITOLD KWAPINSKI
In this study, nutrients release/adsorption from/by raw poultry manure-derived biochar produced at a pyrolysis temperature of 600 ?C (RPM-B) was assessed under static and dynamic conditions. Batch sequential leaching experiments of RPM-B for a total contact time of 10 days showed that both phosphorus and potassium were slowly released but with higher amounts compared to various other animal- and lignocellulosic-derived biochars. The cumulated released P and K amounts were assessed to 93.6 and 17.1 mg g-1, which represent about 95% and 43% of their original contents in the RPM-B, respectively. The column combined leaching/adsorption experiments showed that amending an alkaline sandy agricultural soil with two doses of RPM-B (at 5% and 8% w:w) resulted in an efficient retention of NO3-N and NH4-N, and on the contrary, important leached amounts of PO4-P, K+, Mg2+, and Ca2+ but with relatively slow kinetic release rates for a long period. Even after 40 days of dynamic leaching, these latter nutrients continued to be released with kinetic rates lower than 10 mg kg-1 d-1. Thus, compared to synthetic fertilizers, RPM-B valorization as organic amendment for poor semiarid soils could be considered as an attractive, eco-friendly, and sustainable waste recycling option.



Sustainability;13, 1212





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