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Talking science and feminism

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posted on 2023-03-16, 12:34 authored by Ebru ErenEbru Eren

This article explores women’s attitudes regarding the feminist movement in  science, feminist identification, and the ‘women in science’ label. The data  was gathered through in-depth interviews with women studying and  researching in the fields of physics and physical sciences at four Dublin  universities. Previous studies have not looked into women’s participation in  feminist collective action in science, as well as their perceptions of the movement and its impact on their science identities. This study sheds light on how  women from undergraduate to postdoctoral levels in the fields of physics and  physical sciences in Irish higher education where the gender gap is the  highest of all science disciplines in Ireland, think about the relationship  between science and feminism through their experiences and perspectives.  The findings reveal women’s support for feminist goals such as gender  equality and encouraging women to pursue careers in science. However,  how they define and label ‘feminist’, ‘feminism’ and ‘women in science’ varies  based on their social circle, involvement in the feminist movement, and their  (gendered) experiences within their scientific community. 



Journal of Gender Studies 31(8), pp. 911-927


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