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The criminalisation of corporate psychopaths: a holistic inquiry

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posted on 2023-05-11, 08:27 authored by Luke DanagherLuke Danagher

The destructive harm caused by corporate psychopaths has become an area of considerable interest to medical professionals, lawyers and philosophers. This paper analyses contemporary research forwarded by these distinct groups in order to determine if, in light of current scientific knowledge on this mental disorder, corporate psychopaths can be held fully responsible for their crimes, and if so, on what basis? In combining the often-disparate conclusions reached by the above groups in relation to the criminalisation of corporate psychopaths, this paper makes a significant contribution to the field by presenting novel methods of holding corporate psychopaths morally culpable for their crimes, as previous research of this kind has focused on clinical psychopaths, who tend to be involved in violent offences.



Current Issues in Criminal Justice


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