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The promotion of continuity between physical education and co-curricular physical activities: an Irish perspective

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posted on 2013-04-08, 13:15 authored by ANN MAC PHAILANN MAC PHAIL, John Slattery
The main purpose of this study was to identify the extent to which Irish physical education teachers promote continuity between curricular physical education and extra-curricular physical activities in post-primary schools. The latter denotes the provision of activities outside the formal (physical education) curriculum, which are not compulsory for all students but offered as optional activities (Penney & Harris, 1997), now also commonly referred to as out-of-school-hours learning or provision. Two particular issues discussed are ways in which physical education can help promote physical activity outside of the physical education class and the identification of factors that may hinder continuity between physical education and extra-curricular activities. The physical education curriculum, staffing and the school ethos arose as elements that have the potential to promote continuity between physical education and extra-curricular activities in Irish post-primary schools.



Physical Education Matters;1(3), pp. 40-44


Association for Physical Education United Kingdom





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