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The role of occupational therapy in providing vocational rehabilitation for inflammatory arthritis: A scoping review protocol

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posted on 2023-07-03, 07:58 authored by Susan Somerville, Yvonne Codd, Rosemary GowranRosemary Gowran

Introduction: Inflammatory arthritis (IA) significantly impacts people's ability to continue in work roles, despite advances in medical management. Employment is acknowledged as important for health and wellbeing. Facilitating work participation and employment reduces social welfare dependence for income, minimising societal cost. Internationally, pathways and processes are developing to maintain people with acquired conditions in the workplace. Occupational Therapy supports this process, with its biopsychosocial approach, giving a framework to consider the complex dynamic of a person's vocational rehabilitation (VR) needs. A scoping review framework was chosen to explore the diverse VR process and emerging focus on Occupational Therapy's role in providing VR for the IA population. Methods: The methodological framework for scoping reviews will be used to guide the process and structure of the scoping review. A search strategy will be implemented in all the major peer reviewed databases along with grey literature repositories for English language studies. Study selection will use the PRISMA‐ScR flow chart against an agreed eligibility criteria by two independent reviewers. Data extraction from the final selection will be mapped out using tables and a supporting descriptive review reflecting on the original scoping review aim and objectives completed. Dissemination: Findings will be disseminated at all levels and in various formats to bring them to the attention of clinicians, researchers and policy makers as VR pathways are established and prioritised for the early IA population 



Musculoskeletal Care 21(2), pp. 294-302


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