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Toward a non-organizational theory of human resource management? A complex adaptive systems perspective on the human resource management ecosystem in (con) temporary organizing

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posted on 2022-11-18, 10:56 authored by Caitriona M Burke, MICHAEL MORLEYMICHAEL MORLEY

The emergence of the temporary organization has ushered in a new logic of organizing accompanied by paradigm-shifting challenges with respect to how the evolving nature of work, workers, and collective effort are to be understood. To capture the complexity inherent in this new order, and to broaden our focus from the organization to the enfolding ecosystem within which temporary organizing must be situated and under?stood, we engage in problematization to develop a multi-level framework for theorizing the contemporary human resource management ecosystem. Curating insights from complexity science, we conceptualize this ecosystem as a complex adaptive one and we propose a framework that integrates key structural (open boundaries and relational constitution), emergent (contextual and complex causality), and temporal (dynamic and adaptive) properties. To deepen lines of inquiry around these defining elements, we advance a series of propositions for testing, and we outline a range of theoretical, methodological, and practical implications that arise from our work. 


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