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Water vapour induced structural flexibility in a square lattice coordination network

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Herein, we introduce a new square lattice topology coordination network, sql-(1,3-bib)(ndc)-Ni, with three types of connection and detail its gas and vapour induced phase transformations. Exposure to humidity resulted in an S-shaped isotherm profile, suggesting potential utility of such materials as desiccants.


Green Adsorbents for Clean Energy (GrACE)

Science Foundation Ireland

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Ionic Ultramicroporous Polymer Adsorbents for Energy-efficient Purification of Commodity Chemicals

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Chemical Communications, 2023


Royal Society of Chemistry

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This work was financially supported by the Irish Research Council (IRCLA/2019/167) and Science Foundation Ireland (16/IA/4624). S. M. acknowledges an SFI-IRC Pathway award (21/PATH-S/9454) from the Science Foundation Ireland

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