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(Re)Conceptualizing decision‑making tools in a risk governance  framework for emerging technologies—the case of nanomaterials

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posted on 2023-07-07, 14:49 authored by Martin MullinsMartin Mullins, Martin Himly, Isabel Rodríguez Llopis, Irini FurxhiIrini Furxhi, Sabine Hofer, Norbert Hofstätter, Peter Wick, Daina Romeo, Dana Küehnel, Kirsi Siivola, Julia Catalán, Kerstin Hund-Rinke, Ioannis Xiarchos, SHONA LINEHAN, Daan Schuurbiers, Amaia García Bilbao, Leire Barruetabeña, Damjana Drobne

The utility of decision-making tools for the risk governance of nanotechnology is at the core of this paper. Those working in nanotechnology risk management have been prolifc in creating such tools, many derived from European FP7 and H2020-funded projects. What is less clear is how such tools might assist the overarching ambition of creating a fair system of risk governance. In this paper, we refect upon the role that tools might and should play in any system of risk governance. With many tools designed for the risk governance of this emerging technology falling into disuse, this paper provides an overview of extant tools and addresses their potential shortcomings. We also posit the need for a data readiness tool. With the EUs NMP13 family of research consortia about to report to the Commission on ways forward in terms of risk governance of this domain, this is a timely intervention on an important element of any risk governance system.


Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework

European Commission

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Environment Systems and Decisions, 43, 3–15 (2023)



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