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A case study investigation into the potential use of digital media in the promotion of healthy eating amongst youthreach learners.

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posted on 2022-10-12, 08:37 authored by Breda Rodden
This case study examines the challenges associated with the use of Digital Media in the area of Food and Nutrition amongst Youthreach learners. The Irish government has made huge investments in the ICT infrastructure in schools and is currently doing the same in the area of health promotion. The purpose of this study is to look at the amalgamation of these two areas Interviews with Youthreach FETAC Level 3 Food and Nutrition teachers and the Youthreach literacy coordinator were conducted in a semi structured format. The inclusion of the literacy coordinator is important as the integration of literacy across the curriculum is a priority within the Youthreach programme. Focus groups and observations were conducted with students along with questionnaires. The study begins with an overall look at the impact that Food and Nutrition has on lifestyles and health. It explores the relationship between early school leavers, health and poverty. It then looks at the positive and negative factors that ICT/computers may have, on both staff and students. The findings of this study reveal that both staff and students are very positive in relation to the integration of ICT/computers within the subject area. Time management, training and resources need to be looked at. Management need to address the fact that students have indicated a preference for learning with ICT/computers within this subject area. The findings from the study indicate that more emphasis needs to be placed on subject specific software, allowing for differentiation within the classroom.



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