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Assess the impact of an introduction to HTML coding on adult learners for a wider choice of options for further academic study or direct employment: a case study

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posted on 2023-01-04, 16:44 authored by Sheila McDonald
An industry shortage of high skilled computer users create further options for adult learners by equipping them with an employable skill set and this research assesses the potential widening of progression routes for adult learners. An action case study was exercised to obtain data for this study and was obtained by using a representative sample of adult learners that formed into two groups of ten participants each. The participants attended class sessions during the research and completed one hundred per cent assessment projects by creating two web pages and writing a report on the background and a critical evaluation of their web sites. One of the outcomes of the research was the creation of an adult learner profile in Limerick city that incorporated their educational backgrounds, perceptions of coding, attitudes and opinions of what they saw as important academic subjects. The disparity of computer skills demonostrated during the research was also documented that is linked to the choice and availability of courses for adult learners which in turn impacts on progression choices. One of the implications of this research is the matching of provision of courses and requirements posed by the portait of the modern adult learner. Academic progression may not be the primary motivator for adult learners as they have greater responsibilities than young learners and are seeking a way of returning to the labour force. Application of andragogical practices are implemented during the reseach and are tied to several learning theories and how these can be applied to the learning of HTML coding.



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