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Evaluating the impact of digital media on apprenticeship training

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posted on 2023-01-05, 11:33 authored by Michael McMahon
This purpose of this research was to evaluate the use of digital media in apprenticeship training. This digital media was targeted to specific areas of the curriculum using podcasts and a pedagogically designed tutorial program. The digital media utilised has the flexibility to be used by the student anytime or anywhere using modern technology. The results of the study showed a marked improvement in test results and a positive bias among today’s apprentices in the use of technology in education. Furthermore, the research evidence also proves there are reasonably high levels of technological ability and access among apprentices in computer and iPod usage which proves there would be few barriers to implementing this type of pedagogical enhancements. The research has shown however that there was a lack of motivation among many apprentices during their training which concurs with research conducted in the literature. This lack of motivation can in part be attributed to the effects of job loss suffered by apprentices during training which was caused by a severe economic downturn, especially in the building industry. Research on affective learning was important to this research as it could have a major impact on training and therefore affect test results which could diminish the impact of digital media integration. Therefore the results and recommendations of this thesis in light of the evidence found is that it is time for FAS, Irelands training authority with responsibility for apprenticeship training to invest time and resources in the design and implementation of this technology to cover all areas of the curriculum for each trade. This investment would enhance apprenticeship training into the future. Further research which could be carried out to augment this study would be in methods to actively engage and motivate the 21st century apprentice and the use of online learning environments in the training of apprentices.



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