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The effects of calculator usage on post-primary mathematics students at junior cycle level: a case study approach

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posted on 2022-09-22, 08:13 authored by Sabrina Marie O'Donnell
The main purpose of this research paper was to explore the effects of calculator usage on post-primary mathematic students at junior cycle level. This research paper examines the effect of calculator usage on students‟ mathematical performance and how student attitudes toward mathematics are influenced by calculator usage (“this Study”). Thirty-two junior cycle mathematics students and one post-primary school mathematics teacher, all residing in the County Donegal area, participated in this Study. The student participants and the post-primary mathematics teacher involved in this Study were selected through purposive sampling. The student participants were comprised of two mathematical ability levels with 12 students at higher level and 20 students at ordinary level. In this Study, all students were examined on three different tests, namely, (a) a pre-test without calculator access (b) a post-test with the optional use of the calculator and (c) a Likert questionnaire about students‟ attitudes towards calculator usage and mathematics. This Study also examined a mathematics teacher‟s perception towards calculator usage in mathematics. The results on students‟ mathematical performance levels and attitudes towards calculator usage and the mathematics discipline are presented herein. The test for significance was set at .01 alpha level and Cohen‟s d was the measure used to generate the effect sizes. Statistical analysis of the test results show that when students had access to a calculator their overall performance level improved significantly (large effect). The analysis of students‟ attitudes toward the mathematics discipline was generally very positive. The overall analysis of students' attitudes toward calculator usage in mathematics was very positive. The analysis of a teacher‟s attitude towards calculator usage was very positive.



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