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The motivational potential of the use of information and communication technology on adult learners within adult education centres in the North West of Ireland.

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posted on 2022-09-21, 07:28 authored by Patricia McLaughlin
Motivation is an internal compulsion that incites an individual to act in a certain manner and the level of motivation experienced determines the course of their actions. Within an education setting the motivation of a learner may be influenced through their attitude towards a subject, the manner in which it is taught or their desire for recognition of academic achievement. With these factors in mind the purpose of this study was to determine the motivational potential of the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the adult learners when it is used within adult education in the North West of Ireland. There have been a number of studies conducted relating to the motivation of learners through the use of ICT within primary and secondary education but there is little evidence on its influence on the motivation of adult learners within the adult education sector. A case study approach was used for this study and the case study was conducted within three Adult Education Centres over an eight week time frame. The data collection tools utilised were questionnaires distributed to both teachers and learners to determine their outlook on ICT use within their classrooms; an observation checklist to ascertain the effect of ICT use on the motivational behaviour of learners within a classroom and; interviews with the co-ordinators of two Adult Education Centres were conducted to verify their opinion of how ICT use within their centres influences the motivation of adult learners.



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