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Learning from the past: case studies  of past 'local’ curriculum reforms

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posted on 2023-07-21, 08:01 authored by Niamh O'MearaNiamh O'Meara, Jasmina Milinkovic

This chapter presents some results of a survey designed by some of the theme A  participants to gain an insight into curriculum reform efforts in different countries  internationally. The survey sought to gather information in relation to: • how and why the reform movement came about; • the ideologies underpinning the reform movement; • the aim of the reform movement; • the agents or stakeholders involved in the reform movement; • the impact of the reform on mathematical content, mathematical teaching and  mathematical assessment; • the lessons learnt from the reform movement. In total, six research colleagues from different countries (Brazil, Japan, Ireland,  Italy, Serbia and South Africa) responded to the survey, ensuring a geographical  spread across four continents. Three survey responses were analysed in detail for  the purpose of this chapter. The countries selected were Ireland, Serbia and South  Africa. These were selected for consideration due to the commonalities in some  aspects of the curriculum reform efforts as well as quite unique differences. Many  of the responses from these countries also refected, in part, the reactions from the  other respondents, and so the authors believed a comprehensive overview could be  achieved with this limited sample 



Mathematics Curriculum Reforms Around the World pp. 67-85



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