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Designing a smarter travel strategy for Limerick City using precedent studies and focus groups

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posted on 2015-10-02, 11:38 authored by Kay Cullinane, Tom Cosgrove
Almost 7 out of 10 people in Limerick drove to work, school, or college in 2006 with 65% of residents commuting a distance of 1 to 9km Successful change has been implemented in European and, more recently, in UK and Australian cities, to reverse the effects of unsustainable travel. For example in Groningen in the Netherlands, an average of 1.4 urban bicycle trips per person per day were made, making up more than 50% of the total trips in 2008 .This shows the potential that exists for achieving a Smarter Travel Limerick with the associated benefits which are well documented. This research aims to create a rational basis for designing and implementing a plan for Smarter Travel Limerick with particular reference to a community engagement strategy. The objective of the study is to develop a local culture of Smarter Travel in Limerick communities using best international practice and thereby achieve behavioural change in travel mode choice. As part of this research census and survey travel data for Limerick and data from the Limerick focus groups together with the data from the chosen international exemplar city precedent studies is analysed. This data is complex and is of both quantitative and qualitative type. The analysis provides a rationale to allow proposals for an appropriate Community Engagement strategy to be formulated. Literature on Smarter Travel is also reviewed including results from a comprehensive study of six international exemplar Smarter Travel Cities. Current travel modes and travellers' mode choice criteria in Limerick city are investigated considering the literature review and the findings of the data analysis. Finally, a design and implementation plan with particular emphasis on community engagement for Limerick Smarter Travel is discussed.



ITRN 2011 Conference;


Irish Transport Research Network



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Dept. of Transport, Ireland, European Commission



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