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An integrative review to identify how nurses practicing in inpatient specialist palliative care units uphold the values of nursing

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posted on 2021-07-29, 09:25 authored by Sue Moran, Maria E. Bailey, Owen DoodyOwen Doody
Background: Caring for individuals and their families with a life-limiting, symptomatic illness and those who are dying has long been an integral role of palliative care nurses. Yet, over the last two decades, the specialty of palliative care has undergone significant changes in technology and medical treatments which have altered both the disease trajectory and the delivery of palliative care. To date, there is little evidence as to the impact of these medical and nursing advancements on the role of nurses working in palliative care and how in clinical practice these nurses continue to uphold their nursing values and the philosophy of palliative care. Methods: An integrative review was conducted searching seven academic databases from the time period of January 2010 – December 2019 for studies identifying research relating to the role of the palliative care nurse working in specialist palliative care units and hospices. Research articles identified were screened against the inclusion criteria. Data extraction was completed on all included studies and the Crowe Critical Appraisal Tool was utilized to appraise the methodological quality and thematic analysis was performed guided by Braun and Clarke’s framework. The review was conducted and reported in lines with PRISMA guidelines. Results: The search yielded 22,828 articles of which 7 were included for appraisal and review. Four themes were identified: (1) enhancing patient-centred care (2) being there (3) exposure to suffering and death (4) nursing values seen but not heard. The findings highlight that while palliative care nurses do not articulate their nurse values, their actions and behaviors evident within the literature demonstrate care, compassion, and commitment. Conclusion: These findings suggest that there is a need for nurses working in specialist palliative care units to articulate, document, and audit how they incorporate the values of nursing into their practice. This is pivotal not only for the future of palliative nursing within hospice and specialist palliative care units but also to the future of palliative care itself. To make visible the values of nursing further practice-based education and research is required.



BMC Palliative Care;20, 111







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