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Black-boxing journalistic chains, an actor-network theory inquiry into journalistic truth

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posted on 2023-09-29, 10:19 authored by Dilina NawarathneDilina Nawarathne, CRISTIANO STORNICRISTIANO STORNI

Understanding journalistic truth has always been important in Journalism Studies, but it is increasingly significant in a society influenced by constantly evolving digital technologies and information disorder. This article explores the potential of “actor-network theory” to enhance the understanding of journalistic truth, surpassing the limitations of existing perspectives that categorise it as objective, subjective, or a combination of the two. Alternatively, through the utilisation of a plausibility probe case study in investigative journalism, the article suggests examining news-making as black-boxing and conceptualises journalistic truth as arising from the skilful construction of journalistic chains comprising heterogeneous actors. We discuss these as pivotal steps toward gaining a deeper understanding of journalistic truth that paves the way for constructing an alternative but empirical account of journalism.



Journalism Studies, 2023, 24 (13), 1629-1650


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