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Cultivating support during COVID-19 through clinical  supervision: A discussion article

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posted on 2023-05-19, 08:34 authored by CLAIRE O'DONNELLCLAIRE O'DONNELL, KATHLEEN MARKEYKATHLEEN MARKEY, Louise MurphyLouise Murphy, James Turner, OWEN DOODYOWEN DOODY

Aim: This article aims to discuss how clinical supervision is an important approach in  supporting frontline nurses and students during and post COVID-19 through the lens  of the nursing metaparadigms. Design: Discussion article. Methods: Discourse of the literature considering the importance of working collaboratively with healthcare and educational organisations in operationalising clinical  supervision. Results: The evidence base supporting clinical supervision as an effective support  strategy for nurses exists, however, its implementation and practice has become sporadic. A resurgence is required to support student's and nurse's during this pandemic.  It is timely for nurse educators to creatively engage with clinical partners in supporting clinical supervision to enhance both nurses and students pandemic practice experiences. Clinical supervision is proposed as one strategy to support and guide both  nurses and students to develop, strengthen and challenge the effectiveness of their  care during COVID-19. 





Nursing Open pp.1-9


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