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Cycle-dependent morphology and surface potential of germanium nanowire anode electrodes

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posted on 2023-07-27, 14:44 authored by Srikanth Kolagatla, Gearoid A. Collins, Jason I. Kilpatrick, Emrullah Kargin, KEVIN M. RYANKEVIN M. RYAN, Brian J Rodriguez

Germanium nanowire (GeNW) electrodes have shown great promise as high-power, fast-charging alternatives to silicon-based electrodes, owing to their vastly improved Li ion diffusion, electron mobility and ionic conductivity. Formation of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on the anode surface is critical to electrode performance and stability but is not completely understood for NW anodes. Here, a systematic study characterizing pristine and cycled GeNWs in charged and discharged states with SEI layer present and removed is performed using Kelvin probe force microscopy in air. Correlating changes in the morphology of the GeNW anodes with contact potential difference mapping at different cycles provides insight into SEI layer formation and growth, and the effect of the SEI on battery performance.


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Chemical Communications, 2023, 59, pp. 9203-9206


Royal Society of Chemistry

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K. M. R. further acknowledges IRCLA/2017/285

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