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Effects of post-curing duration on the mechanical properties of complex 3D printed geometrical parts

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This study aims to assess the efficacy of post-curing guidance supplied by 3D printing resin manufacturers. Current guidance applies generically to all geometries with the caveat that post-curing should be extended for ‘large’ or ‘complex’ geometries but specific guidance is not provided. Two vat-polymerisation 3D printers (Form3B, Figure 4 Standalone) were used to print test models in 6 biocompatible resins (Pro Black, Med White, Med Amber, Biomed Black, Biomed White, Biomed Amber). The test model is of a complex geometry whilst also housing ISO 527 test specimens in concentric layers. Two separate intervals of curing were applied (100%, 500% stated guidance) creating different curing treatments of the specimens throughout the model. Post processed test models were disassembled and pull testing performed on each of the specimens to assess the mechanical properties. The analysis showed that extending the curing duration had significant effects on the mechanical properties of some materials but not all. The layers of the model had a significant effect except for elongation at break for the Med Amber material. This research demonstrates that generic post-curing guidance regarding UV exposures is not sufficient to achieve homogenous material strength properties for complex geometries. Large variations in mechanical properties throughout the models suggest some material was not fully-cured. This raises a query if such materials as originally marketed as biocompatible are fully cured and therefore safe to use for medical applications involving complex geometries.


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Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 156, 106585



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