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Facile tailoring of structures for controlled release of paracetamol from sustainable lignin derived platforms

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posted on 2022-12-12, 16:21 authored by Mario Culebras, Mahboubeh Pishnamazi, Gavin WalkerGavin Walker, MAURICE COLLINSMAURICE COLLINS
Nowadays, sustainable materials are receiving significant attention due to the fact that they will be crucial for the development of the next generation of products and devices. In the present work, hydrogels have been successfully synthesized using lignin which is non-valorized biopolymer from the paper industry. Hydrogels were prepared via crosslinking with Poly(ethylene) glycol diglycidyl ether (PEGDGE). Different crosslinker ratios were used to determine their influence on the structural and chemical properties of the resulting hydrogels. It has been found that pore size was reduced by increasing crosslinker amount. The greater crosslinking density increased the swelling capacity of the hydrogels due to the presence of more hydrophilic groups in the hydrogel network. Paracetamol release test showed higher drug diffusion for hydrogels produced with a ratio lignin:PEGDGE 1:1. The obtained results demonstrate that the proposed approach is a promising route to utilize lignocellulose waste for producing porous materials for advanced biomedical applications in the pharmacy industry.



Molecules;26, 1593







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