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Framework for refugee and migrant health research in the WHO European Region

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posted on 2023-08-10, 08:05 authored by Anne MacFarlaneAnne MacFarlane, Soorej Jose Puthoopparambil, Elisabeth Waagensen, Leuconoe Grazia Sisti, Gianfranco Costanzo, Ilker Kayi, Souad Osseiran, Sibel Sakarya, Santino Severoni, Ailish HanniganAilish Hannigan

Migration is a longstanding, growing global phenomenon. As a social determinant of health, migration can lead to health inequities between people on the move and host populations. Thus, it is imperative that there is a coordinated effort to advance migration- and health-related goals. WHO has a specific remit to support evidence-based decision-making in its Member States. As part of that remit, WHO Europe presents this Framework for Refugee and Migrant Health Research in the WHO European Region. It is designed as a starting point for debating and analysing a broad range of options and approaches to help inform a WHO global research agenda on health and migration. This is important because refugee and migrant health research is a complex interdisciplinary field that is expanding in a fast-changing socio-political environment. The Framework is intended for all stakeholders involved: academic, civil society organisations, refugees, migrants, policy-makers, healthcare providers, educators and funders. It is developed by academics in consultation with these stakeholder groups. It reflects on three specific interrelated dynamics in research practice. These are (i) research prioritisation; (ii) study samples and (iii) research design. The Framework offers recommendations to consider for each one of these. It elucidates the value of involving refugees and migrants in research and research agendas and the need to develop an ecosystem that will support and sustain participatory, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and inter-sectoral projects.



Tropical Medicine and International Health. 2023; 28 (2), pp. 90–97


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