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Liquid-Based 4D printing of shape memory nanocomposites: A Review

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posted on 2023-05-10, 07:43 authored by Mohamad AlsaadiMohamad Alsaadi, Eoin HinchyEoin Hinchy, Conor Mc CarthyConor Mc Carthy, Vicente F. Moritz, Shuo Zhuo, Evert Fuenmayor, Declan M. Devine

Significant advances have been made in recent years in the materials development of liquid-based 4D printing. Nevertheless, employing additive materials such as nanoparticles for enhancing printability and shape memory characteristics is still challenging. Herein, we provide an overview of recent developments in liquid-based 4D printing and highlights of novel 4D-printable polymeric resins and their nanocomposite components. Recent advances in additive manufacturing technologies that utilise liquid resins, such as stereolithography, digital light processing, material jetting and direct ink writing, are considered in this review. The effects of nanoparticle inclusion within liquid-based resins on the shape memory and mechanical characteristics of 3D-printed nanocomposite components are comprehensively discussed. Employing various filler-modified mixture resins, such as nanosilica, nanoclay and nanographene, as well as fibrous materials to support various properties of 3D printing components is considered. Overall, this review paper provides an outline of liquid-based 4D-printed nanocomposites in terms of cutting-edge research, including shape memory and mechanical properties. 


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Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing 7(1), 35



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