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Medical Schools’ Efforts to Build Social Accountability Indicators and Determinants in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Scoping Review

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posted on 2023-02-08, 09:19 authored by MOHAMED ABDALLAMOHAMED ABDALLA, Husameldin Elsawi Khalafalla, Majed Wadi, Mohamed H. Taha

This review summarises medical schools’ efforts to develop social accountability (SA) determinants  and indicators in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). The review used the Arksey and  O’Malley framework to examine the literature on indicators and/or determinants of SA published in  1995–2021. As part of a broader project on SA, a first screening of various databases yielded 162  articles on SA in the region, and further filtering identified six articles specifically addressing the  determinants/indicators of SA in two countries in the region. The Global Consensus for Social  Accountability (GCSA) of Medical Schools was used to analyse the quality and content of the articles,  which were assigned scores according to specific criteria of how comprehensively the medical schools  addressed the 10 areas of the GCSA. The six identified publications describe the development  of SA determinants and indicators in a country-specific context, but, while they make a positive  contribution to measuring SA, they do not satisfactorily address some matters, including measuring  impacts on local populations, the social determinants of health, primary health care approaches,  policies for recruiting students, and indicating the quality of graduates in relation to community needs.  This review makes recommendations on how to address these shortcomings. While SA is gaining  momentum in the EMR, only a handful of countries have shared their experiences. Researchers are  making efforts to turn SA guidelines into standards, but more focus and elaboration are required. 



Education in Medicine Journal 14(4), pp.1–12


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