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Plant-derived selenium nanoparticles: investigating unique morphologies, enhancing therapeutic uses, and leading the way in tailored medical treatments

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posted on 2024-04-30, 14:29 authored by Abhijeet Puri, Popat Mohite, Yunus Ansari, Nobendu Mukerjee, Hanan M. Alharbi, Aman Upaganlawar, Nanasaheb ThoratNanasaheb Thorat

Selenium (Se) is a paramount micronutrient, indispensable for the holistic health of humans, animals, and microorganisms. At its core, Se is instrumental for the genesis of selenocysteine, an exclusive amino acid vital for the assembly of selenoproteins, critical factors in human physiology. While the health dividends of Se are profound, its therapeutic potential is intricately tethered to a precise dosage window, underlining the imperativeness of meticulous calibration. Emerging from this backdrop, selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs) have become the gold standard in nanomaterials, distinguished by their unparalleled immunomodulatory prowess, superior biocompatibility, and enhanced bioavailability. Their reduced toxicity further consolidates their preeminence in biomedical applications. Synthesis methodologies for SeNPs span a spectrum from physical and chemical to biological approaches. Yet, it is the phyto-synthesized SeNPs that reign supreme, characterized by their singular morphological and biochemical attributes, which impart an unmatched compatibility with human tissues. Strikingly, despite their evident superiority, plant-derived SeNPs remain conspicuously underrepresented in the pharmaceutical arena. Contemporary research not only extols the therapeutic potency of SeNPs but also underscores their formidable efficacy against formidable adversaries like cancer cells, microbial pathogens, and viral threats, as well as their robust antioxidant capabilities. This review embarks on a rigorous exposition of the vanguard in plant-mediated SeNPs synthesis, traversing the diverse botanical landscape. It further ventures into the frontier of SeNPs functionalization, illuminating prospects for precision-targeted drug delivery. Conclusively, the review furnishes a comprehensive elucidation of the intricate therapeutic mechanisms harnessed by SeNPs, charting a blueprint for the future of personalized medical interventions.


Plasmonic Nanomedicine Coupled Biomolecular Fingerprinting of Brain Cancer

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Materials Advances, 2024


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