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Raman spectroscopy: a tool for molecular fingerprinting of brain cancer

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posted on 2023-08-21, 10:44 authored by Sivasubramanian Murugappan, SYED ANSAR TOFAILSYED ANSAR TOFAIL, Nanasaheb ThoratNanasaheb Thorat

Brain cancer is one of those few cancers with very high mortality and low five-year survival rate. First and foremost reason for the woes is the difficulty in diagnosing and monitoring the progression of brain tumors both benign and malignant, noninvasively and in real time. This raises a need in this hour for a tool to diagnose the tumors in the earliest possible time frame. On the other hand, Raman spectroscopy which is well-known for its ability to precisely represent the molecular markers available in any sample given, including biological ones, with great sensitivity and specificity. This has led to a number of studies where Raman spectroscopy has been used in brain tumors in various ways. This review article highlights the fundamentals of Raman spectroscopy and its types including conventional Raman, SERS, SORS, SRS, CARS, etc. are used in brain tumors for diagnostics, monitoring, and even theragnostics, collating all the major works in the area. Also, the review explores how Raman spectroscopy can be even more effectively used in theragnostics and the clinical level which would make them a one-stop solution for all brain cancer needs in the future


Plasmonic Nanomedicine Coupled Biomolecular Fingerprinting of Brain Cancer

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ACS Omega 8 (31), pp.27845-27861


American Chemical Society

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