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Residual stress prediction in shot blasted cobalt-chromium biomedical cast components

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posted on 2023-03-20, 09:45 authored by Jack Shortis, DAVID TANNERDAVID TANNER

ASTM F75 implants distort due to residual stress released after finishing machining operations, causing implants to fail quality requirements. Previous work has shown that a shot blasting cleaning process could be the source of this distortion. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is conducted to predict stress and Almen strip arc heights for experimental comparison. 2D and 3D single impact models and 3D multiple impact models are created. 3D multiple impact models with plastically deforming shot are shown to accurately predict the stress state and distortion. For shot with hardness similar to the implants, distortion creating stress magnitudes are induced, with the greatest fluctuations in stress coming from shot velocity. The depth of the predicted compressive stress layer ranges from 0.23-0.6 mm.



Materials Science and Technology, 38:12, pp. 853-865


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