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Self-awareness and quality of relationships after acquired brain injury: Systematic review without meta-analysis (SWiM)

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posted on 2023-03-24, 09:19 authored by Corinne MccabeCorinne Mccabe, Andrea Sica, Niamh Doody, Dónal FortuneDónal Fortune

Background: Relational aspects of self-awareness following Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) are increasingly being recognized. However, research underpinning the nature of the association between self-awareness and quality of relationships has yet to be synthesized. Method: Searches, which were completed between February 2022 and February 2023, consisted of combining terms related to ABI, self-awareness, and quality of relationships. Data were analyzed using the Synthesis Without Meta-Analysis (SWiM) approach. Results: Associations between self-awareness and relationship quality across eight studies identified for this review differed in direction and significance. A moreconsistent pattern emerged, however, when studies assessing the quality of specific types of relationships i.e., spousal (N = 1) and therapeutic (N = 3), were compared to studies assessing the quality of a person’s broader network of relationships (N = 4). In particular, good awareness was positively associated with the quality of specific relationships (r = 0.66) whereas it was negatively associated with the quality of a person’s broader network of relationships (r = −0.35). Conclusion: Results are discussed with consideration given to measures assessing the quality of specific relationships. In particular, such measures may tap into important patterns of interaction between two individuals, such as those related to attunement or communication, which may be valuable preconditions for improving awareness.



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