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Survival with primary lung cancer in Northern Ireland: 1991–1992

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posted on 2023-09-25, 11:59 authored by Gilbert MackenzieGilbert Mackenzie

Lung cancer is a major cause of death in Western countries, but survival had never been studied in Northern Ireland (NI) on a population basis prior to this study.

Aims The primary aims were to describe the survival of patients with primary lung cancer, evaluate the effect of treatment, identify patient characteristics influencing survival and treatment and describe current trends in survival.

Methods A population-based study identified all incident cases of primary lung cancer in NI during 1991–2 and followed them for 21 months. Their clinical notes were traced and relevant details abstracted. Survival status was monitored via the Registrar General’s Office, and ascertainment is thought to be near-complete. Appropriate statistical methods were used to analyse the survival data.

Results Some 855 incident cases were studied. Their 1-year survival was 24.5% with a median survival time of 4.7 months. Surgical patients had the best 1-year survival, 76.8%; however, adjustment suggested that about half of the benefit could be attributed to case-mix factors. Factors influencing treatment allocation were also identified, and a screening test showed the discordance between ‘model’ and ‘medic’: 210 patients were misclassified. Finally, the current trend in 1-year survival observed in the Republic of Ireland was best in the British Isles.

Conclusions Overall, survival remains poor. The better survival of surgical patients is due, in part, to their superior case-mix profiles. Survival with other therapies is less good suggesting that the criteria for treatment might be relaxed with advantage .using a treatment model to aid decision-making.



Irish Journal of Medical Science, 2023



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