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Synthesis of sustainable lignin precursors for hierarchical porous carbons and their efficient performance in energy storage applications

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posted on 2024-01-31, 08:49 authored by Muhammad MuddasarMuhammad Muddasar, Misbah Mushtaq, Anne Beaucamp Mc loughlinAnne Beaucamp Mc loughlin, TADHG KENNEDYTADHG KENNEDY, Mario Culebras, MAURICE COLLINSMAURICE COLLINS

ABSTRACT: Lignin-derived porous carbons have great potential for energy storage applications. However, their traditional synthesis requires highly corrosive activating agents in order to produce porous structures. In this work, an environmentally friendly and unique method has been developed for preparing lignin-based 3D spherical porous carbons (LSPCs). Dropwise injection of a lignin solution containing PVA sacrificial templates into liquid nitrogen produces tiny spheres that are lyophilized and carbonized to produce LSPCs. Most of the synthesized samples possess excellent specific surface areas (426.6−790.5 m2 /g) along with hierarchical micro- and mesoporous morphologies. When tested in supercapacitor applications, LSPC-28 demonstrates a superior specific capacitance of 102.3 F/g at 0.5 A/g, excellent rate capability with 70.3% capacitance retention at 20 A/g, and a commendable energy density of 2.1 Wh/kg at 250 W/kg. These materials (LSPC-46) also show promising performance as an anode material in sodium-ion batteries with high reversible capacity (110 mAh g−1 at 100 mA g−1 ), high Coulombic efficiency, and excellent cycling stability. This novel and green technique is anticipated to facilitate the scalability of lignin-based porous carbons and open a range of research opportunities for energy storage applications



ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering


American Chemical Society

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