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Teaching Social Justice Through TPSR: Where Do I Start?

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posted on 2023-03-16, 09:23 authored by Kellie Baker, Dylan ScanlonDylan Scanlon, DEBORAH TANNEHILLDEBORAH TANNEHILL, Maura Coulter

In this paper we offer practical suggestions for integrating social justice content into physical-activity based physical education, namely, through a socially-just TPSR approach. We first address the challenges of using pedagogies for social justice in physical education. This is followed by a brief overview of TPSR (the what) and a re-imagined TPSR approach from a social justice lens. Next, practical examples for developing a socially-just TPSR approach are offered such as ways to a) examine and practice socially just behaviors, b) include transfer and advocacy, and c) use a five-part TPSR lesson plan to integrate social justice issues into physical-activity-based physical education settings. Final thoughts include a) being patient and kind to yourself when implementing unfamiliar approaches and issues, and b) making decisions about the inclusion of social justice issues based on what’s personally meaningful for students as well as context, and c) using a TPSR approach to enact social justice content requires a reconceptualization of the model through a social justice lens 



Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance 94 (2), pp. 11-18



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  • Physical Education and Sports Science

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