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The lack of Ireland’s assisted human reproduction (AHR) regulation viewed under the lens of the patient’s experience

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posted on 2023-01-20, 12:06 authored by Lauraine Ronan, Olivia McDermott, Mary Butler, Anna TrubetskayaAnna Trubetskaya

Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) treatment is unregulated in Ireland, although it is practised there. Within Europe, Ireland is one of the only European countries without any form of AHR-specific regulation. This study aims to investigate the experiences and viewpoints of Irish women undergoing AHR treatments and establish if the lack of legislation is affecting these experiences. A quantitative survey was carried out on women undergoing AHR treatment in Irish clinics. Patients highlighted a lack of information in terms of end-to-end care and poor information around treatments and success rates. Key issues highlighted included unanticipated high treatment costs and add-on treatment costs, lack of financial support from the government, no redress process in the event of dissatisfaction, and generally an overall feeling of a lack of support both from the AHR clinics and the Irish government. This study offers a real-time view of the Irish AHR system from the patient’s experience of AHR and under the lens of the lack of a legislative system. In early 2022, the Irish government announced that it would adopt its bill around AHR treatment and that subsidies for AHR treatment are to come into effect, which will alleviate some financial pressures on patients. Further studies of the legislation carried out post implementation will provide more information about the impact of having a legislated AHR process on the patients.



International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (150, 9534



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