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The subject-environment interplay between runners from different Brazilian macro-regions

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posted on 2023-10-27, 07:23 authored by Mabliny ThuanyMabliny Thuany, Paulo Felipe Ribeiro Bandeira, Douglas Vieira, Katja Weiss, Beat Knechtle, Thayse GomesThayse Gomes

Purpose: Our purpose was to investigate the interplay between runners and their environment using a network approach. Methods: This cross-sectional study sampled Brazilian runners of both sexes, from the five macro-regions of the country. An electronic questionnaire was used to obtain information regarding age, sex, training volume, socio-economic level, place of residence, and running pace. Environmental indicators (public illumination, pavement, sidewalk, and green areas) were collected from available public information. Descriptive statistics were presented in mean (SD), and frequency (%). A network analysis was performed to evaluate the association between individual and environmental characteristics. Statistical analyses were performed in the JASP, considering p < 0.05. Results: At North and Mid-West regions, public illumination presents the highest values for the expected influence (1.74 and 1.56), while in Northeast and Southeast, sidewalks present the highest values (2.13; 0.91). For betweenness centrality, in North, Northeast, and Mid-West regions, residency in the capital of a state presented a hub. In contrast, pavement, and training volume present higher values in the South and Southeast. Network topologies are different. Conclusion: Public illumination (North and Mid-West) and sidewalk (Northeast, Southeast) were the most important variables for runners. Continental size countries need specific approaches to improve physical activity levels and health outcomes that consider the cultural, historical, and environmental background.



Frontiers in Psychology 14, 1134797



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