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Voltage and reactive power-optimization model for active distribution networks based on second-order cone algorithm

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posted on 2024-05-03, 09:12 authored by Yaxuan Xu, Jihao Han, Zi Yin, Qingyang Liu, Chenxu Dai, Zhanlin Ji

Abstract: To address the challenges associated with wind power integration, this paper analyzes the impact of distributed renewable energy on the voltage of the distribution network. Taking into account the fast control of photovoltaic inverters and the unique characteristics of photovoltaic arrays, we establish an active distribution network voltage reactive power-optimization model for planning the active distribution network. The model involves solving the original non-convex and non-linear power-flow-optimization problem. By introducing the second-order cone relaxation algorithm, we transform the model into a second-order cone programming model, making it easier to solve and yielding good results. The optimized parameters are then applied to the IEEE 33-node distribution system, where the phase angle of the node voltage is adjusted to optimize the reactive power of the entire power system, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of utilizing a second-order cone programming algorithm for reactive power optimization in a comprehensive manner. Subsequently, active distribution network power quality control is implemented, resulting in a reduction in network loss from 0.41 MW to 0.02 MW. This reduces power loss rates, increases utilization efficiency by approximately 94%, optimizes power quality management, and ensures that users receive high-quality electrical energy



Computers 13(4), 95



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National Key Research and Development Program of China grant number 2017YFE0135700.

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