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Water vapour induced reversible switching between a 1-D coordination polymer and a 0-D aqua complex

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posted on 2023-07-05, 08:31 authored by Min Deng, Soumya MukherjeeSoumya Mukherjee, Yu-Jie Liang, Xiao-Dan Fang, Ai-Xin Zhu, MICHAEL ZAWOROTKOMICHAEL ZAWOROTKO

[Zn(3-tba)2], 1, a 1-D coordination polymer synthesised as 1 DMA, 1α, transformed to a nonporous form, 1β, upon activation. 1β underwent further transformation to the dimeric complex [Zn(3-tba)2(H2O)2], 2, above 40% RH. The reverse transformations, 2 to 1β and 1β to 1α, were accomplished by heating and exposure to DMA, respectively, and were single-crystal-to-single-crystal phase changes. Single crystal X-ray diffraction revealed that the second transformation resulted from Zn–carboxylate bond breakage and concomitant coordination of water molecules. Other solvent molecules did not induce a phase change


Crystal Engineering of Task-Specific Materials

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Chemical Communications, 2022,58, pp. 8218-8221


Royal Society of Chemistry

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This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 22161052) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI Awards 13/RP/B2549 and 16/IA/4624). S. M. acknowledges an SFI-IRC Pathways award (21/PATH-S/9454) from Science Foundation Ireland

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