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posted on 2023-03-22, 13:39 authored by University of Limerick History Society
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus leading to a global pandemic, the year 2020 has been a taxing experience for many across the world. It has affected both the physical and mental health of individuals, while impacting on entire nations socially, economically, and politically. Befitting current global events, we, the editors, chose ‘In times of crisis’ as the theme for this volume. Articles for this volume have been drawn from both alumni and current postgraduate students based at different institutions in Munster. This volume begins with two articles which discuss topics relating to a former devastating crisis, the Influenza pandemic of 1918-19 (more commonly known as the Spanish flu). The first discusses how media coverage of the disease could cause alarm, while at other times it could be used to prevent panic. The second article is based on the personal correspondence between a man, who was serving abroad with the Australian Imperial Force, and his future wife, who was writing to him about how the disease was affecting the people around her in County Limerick. The remaining three articles cover crises of a separate nature with each contributor discussing a different consequence of warfare. One discusses the employment opportunities made available to women during World War I, while also highlighting the unfavourable conditions and consequences of their employment. The next article explains how supernatural phenomena were a psychological coping mechanism for Irish revolutionaries who were faced with the prospect of death. The final article in this volume discusses how three Irish priests sought to address the abuses against Catholic internees during the Northern Ireland conflict. As editors, we wish to thank, first and foremost, Dr David Fleming, Head of the Department of History, for his guidance, advice and support throughout the production of this volume, as well as the financial contribution he granted on behalf of the Department of History. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude for the continuing financial support offered to us to by Dr Niamh NicGhabhann, Assistant Dean of Research of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. We extend this gratitude to Dr Niamh Lenahan and Anne Marie O’Donnell who continue to offer their support and encouragement. The editors also extend their gratitude to the President of the University of Limerick, Professor Kerstin Mey, and to the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Helen KellyHolmes. Finally, we wish to thank the contributors for all their hard work in producing the outstanding articles issued in this volume.





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