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A snapshot of ICT use at second level : 10 years after IT 2000

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posted on 2022-09-22, 13:32 authored by Mary Ahern
It is generally agreed that ICT influences most aspects of life today. Wise use of technology is a great support to teaching and learning. This research project examined how ICT is currently integrated into second level education to see what progress has been made in implementing DES initiatives since the launch of IT 2000. A review of literature pertaining to contemporary pedagogy, technology and language teaching was undertaken as a preliminary step. A mixed methods case study was then carried out in one large secondary school to investigate the attitudes, perceptions and practice of teachers with regard to ICT integration. Quantitative data was obtained from an online survey and this was complemented by qualitative data from a review of school documentation, IT diaries, interviews and record keeping. The study examined integration by teachers of all subjects focusing in particular on the use of ICT by language teachers, including teachers of Irish. It also researched the factors which influenced teachers to integrate technology. Research carried out in this study was of benefit to individual teachers, to the school in general and to language teachers in particular. The project raised the profile of ICT use in the school, promoting discussion and teacher collaboration. The study found that IT 2000 and subsequent Government interventions have impacted on education. A majority of the case-study teachers are integrating a variety of technologies but integration by teachers of Irish is below the average for all teachers. Although the principal has been instrumental in facilitating ICT integration by providing resources and planning for integration, some barriers still exist. The study concludes by making recommendations to overcome these barriers.



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